The Dos and Don’ts When Managing Unsecured Credit Cards

Here are some guidelines that will help you manage your unsecured credit cards in the most responsible way you can:

american-express-89024_640 (16)

Do pay your credit card charges, in full. Bear in mind that carrying a balance from one month to the next can cause your interest charges to get way out of hand. So to keep the payments you make on interest, minimal; you should do your best to settle your bills completely. One way to succeed in this matter entails setting aside enough funds for covering your credit card transactions, as soon as you receive your mid-month or month-end salary. After all, by prioritizing your dues; you can be sure of submitting not just on-time, but also complete payments to your card issuer.

Don’t attempt to spend beyond your credit limit or else you’ll surely incur penalties and fines, in the form of overdraft charges and declined transaction fees. And that’s not all. Such irresponsible credit habits can also inflict damage to your credit history and compromise your financial prospects.

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Author: shawdenise777

Hi there! I’m Denise Shaw, a financial analyst from Delaware. I have been in this professional expertise for over 7 years now. Back in the years of my internship it’s a great struggle for me on how to deal with financial stuff in reference to myself, family and the surrounding as a whole. I never had a good time making financial planning and budgeting. For me, if you have money, make expenses and spend it the way you want it. But my financial perspective changed as I grow and becoming more independent in life as an individual. I discovered that handling your financial resources very well is a very important aspect of your economic life. So on this blog I will share all the ideas I believe could also help everyone of you out there. I believe in the saying that “experience is the best teacher”. So I don’t just consider myself that all expertise I’ve acquired on this endeavor have been taken from books, there are so many actual happenings in my life that I’ve learned so much. That’s what I’d hopefully like to share with you.

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